February 28, 2012

Stacy Keibler at Penn Station

Penn Station: A new more popular Man-Woman Statue
After her recent universally acclaimed Oscar performance as George Clooney's arm candy, Stacy Keibler is now undoubtedly the world's most famous Baltimorean. So what could be a better follow up role than replacement of the reviled Man-Woman Statue in front of Penn Station?

This is a perfect career move. Stacy is often described as "statuesque", with her elegant metallic Oscar winning dress as the perfect "foil". The way she wraps around boy-toy George Clooney is a natural progression from the symmetrical gender intermingling of Borofsky's original sculpture, but Clooney's boring black tux clearly recedes into the background as a fitting reflection of modern culture's increasing female dominance.
While the original Borofsky is sometimes described as a nod to "Soviet Realism", the new revised sculpture would clearly be Baltimore realism, with our beloved Stacy as the real Baltimorean.

Big improvement, right?


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  2. Very funny, guys. Now, can we have a serious article about moving that horrendous, kitchy metal monster from in front of beautiful Penn station? There must be other neighborhoods that would love to have it. Since it glows purple, lets give it to the Ravens. That space needs a fountain, which I imagine was there before. Or one of those old guy on a horse statues being neglected in one of our parks full of unloved landmarks. The metal monster from planet X is painful to look at.