January 17, 2007



Stand in your front yard and look up in the sky. What do you see?

From several streets in Brooklyn Park, what you see in the sky are scores of trucks and trailers. No, it's not flying trucks, and it's not a heavenly apparition, although it's probably the closest thing we'll see to what R.E.M. referred to as "a truck stop instead of Saint Peter's" in their tribute to Andy Kaufman, "Man on the Moon".

The Brooklyn Park neighborhood west of Belle Grove Road is right next to the shore of the Patapsco River and Southwest Park, but nobody can see either of those landmarks from there, due to a sound wall constructed next to the Harbor Tunnel Thruway (seen at the end of the street in the photo above).

The fantastic view of the trucks and trailers underscores what is an even more fantastic view FROM the trucks and trailers, where you can see Southwest Park and the mighty Patapsco River in all their glory, and the sound wall is but a tiny backdrop. It is also in very close proximity to the Patapsco Avenue light rail station and major highways.

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Straddling Baltimore City and County, the truck and trailer storage yard is a fantastic development site. Instead of shiny truck sheet metal, it could indeed be "The Shining City on the Hill".

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